Experience the Art of Culinary Mastery and Mindset Growth

Our Story:

Founded by the passionate chef and mindset coach, Ilja Abbattista, Pudding Pie Cookery School (Also having been known as Banbury Cookery School) began as a beacon of culinary excellence and personal empowerment. Originating from humble beginnings in Middleton Cheney, we’ve blossomed into a renowned culinary school in Banbury town centre, dedicated to enriching lives through the art of cooking and the power of positive thinking. Where we really excel is by delivering 1:1 classes in the comfort of your own home, so we have reintroduced this by popular demand.

Our Philosophy:

At Pudding Pie Cookery School, we believe cooking is not just an art but a journey to self-discovery and empowerment. Each recipe we share and each class we conduct is a celebration of life, interweaving the joy of cooking with the transformational power of a positive mindset.

Our Offerings:

In-Home 1:1 Classes: Tailored cooking sessions in your kitchen, focused on personalised guidance and bespoke culinary experiences.
Intimate Classes: Join us at our heartwarming Banbury location for hands-on, memorable cooking lessons.
Online Cookery Classes: Access our unique culinary and mindset lessons digitally, complete with session recordings.
Mindset Coaching: Discover the synergy between culinary skills and a fortified mindset with our expert coaching.
Diverse Culinary Courses: From Thermomix classes to D of E Cookery Courses, we cater to all levels and interests.
Children’s Cookery Parties: Fun-filled, memorable cooking parties for children, customisable to your preferred venue.

Hire a Private Chef: Whether it’s for your stage or to cook your dinner party, we have just the right person for you. We have years of experience in public speaking and can also cater for large numbers.

Join Our Community:

Embark on a culinary odyssey with Pudding Pie Cookery School. Whether you’re a budding chef or seeking a transformative personal journey, our classes, both in-person and online, are gateways to a world of flavourful discoveries and self-growth.

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Explore our range of culinary classes, purchase gift vouchers, and find exclusive cooking related items. Tailor your culinary journey with us today.





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